Monday, December 27, 2010

New Lyrics Up!!!

There are new lyrics up for about 5 or 6 songs off The Suffering Servant album. These lyrics have Scripture references for your benefit and edification. There are also lyrics up from several songs from The Perseverance Mixtape and some free downloads. Jenny's Story and Lenny's Story lyrics are up and Teddy's Story lyrics will be posted soon!! Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Suffering Servant Tracklisting Announced

Gametime Recordings is excited to announce the official tracklisting for Believin Stephen’s highly anticipated debut album “The Suffering Servant”. The highly conceptual album features some of your favorite CHH artists and producers! It will be dropping on Tuesday December 14.

1.       Problem of Pain (produced by Petros)
2.       Surprised by Suffering? (produced by Big Juice for SoundBreaker Productions)
3.       Suicide featuring Japhia Life and Leah Smith (produced by Mike Beats)
4.       My Life Story featuring Average Joe (produced by Average Joe)
5.       His Purpose is Gracious featuring Timothy Brindle (produced by I Qwit Music)
6.       Suffering and God’s Sovereignty featuring Angela Board (produced by Anonymous)
7.       Suffering Servant Part I (Isaiah 53) (produced by Average Joe)
8.       Christ Can Relate (produced by I Qwit Music)
9.       Teddy’s Story featuring Calm One (produced by Mike Beats)
10.   Take the Mask Off featuring Average Joe (produced by Average Joe)
11.   Walk With a Limp  (produced by Average Joe)
12.   Joseph’s Story  (produced by Caleb Hoisington from 10:31 Sermon Jams)
13.   Grief Observed featuring Deadmanwalking, B-Doe, and Average Joe (produced by Average Joe)
14.   Suffering Interlude (produced by K-Drama)
15.   Suffering Servant Part II (NT) (produced by Average Joe)
16.   Acts 7 featuring Stephen the Levite  (produced by Tony Stone)
17.   Through These Gates (produced by Average Joe)
18.   Victory March featuring Phien (produced by Big Juice for SoundBreaker Productions)
19.   Outro (produced by Petros)               

Friday, December 3, 2010

Take the Mask Off

 The new jam up is called "Take the Mask Off". It will only be up for 6 more hours so go check it out!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Song- to be released tomorrow

I am going to release another song tomorrow (12/02/10). I've already leaked 3 songs so here is the catch. The song will only be available for 24 hrs for you to listen and then I am going to take the song down. Make sure you check out tomorrow!