Monday, May 19, 2014

Battling Unbelief Album Concept

The last few months you may have seen me post some pictures up of me in the studio working on a new album. Up until this point I haven’t announced what the title and concept have been for this new project. I feel like it’s the right time to share. Those who know me closely know that this past year has been a difficult one for me full of trials. There has been a lot of pain and suffering. At times I’ve questioned God and doubted his goodness. However, the whole time God has been near to me and I’ve been able to seek Him consistently in prayer. I talk about these experiences in a heartfelt, transparent way on the album. This is the realest stuff I’ve ever written. It’s the most practical stuff I’ve ever written.

I’ve realized that every single day I must make a choice. I must choose to believe God’s truth over Satan’s lies. I must believe God’s promises instead of doubting that He cares about me. I know that I am not alone in this daily pursuit. This is something every single Christian regularly deals with. In fact, I’d say this is something every unbeliever deals with as well: The fight to believe in God. It’s a battle. Each day we are going to either believe the lies the world, our flesh, and the devil tell us or we are going to believe what God tells us. We will believe the truth or believe a lie. Without further ado, the title of my new album coming out this summer is “Battling Unbelief”!!! May God be glorified through it! May you be
encouraged! More news and announcements will be coming soon about this project! #BattlingUnbelief

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