Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Everyone of us goes through various trials throughout the course of our lives. We all suffer and experience pain. However, no one in all of history has suffered as much as Jesus. He suffered throughout the course of his life. He is God in the flesh and came to bring salvation. Yet he was rejected by men and mocked and laughed at. He was lonely and afflicted at times here on earth. He also suffered more than we can ever imagine on the cross. The Father turned His back on Christ and He experienced the wrath of God for sinners like me and you. Christ suffered brutally on the cross here on earth so that we would not have to suffer for eternity in hell!
On “Suffering Servant Part I” Stephen raps almost line for line from Isaiah 53 in the famous passage about Christ – The Suffering Servant. I pray this song would help you be thankful for what Christ has done for you around this Thanksgiving season! 

Artist: Believin Stephen
Album: The Suffering Servant
Production: Average Joe
Scratches by Average Joe

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